Jake Carr is a native Texan country music artist. He was raised in a small town outside of Austin, Texas and has a passion for writing songs that resonate with his fans. Jake learned to play guitar at the age of 6  and grew up on artists like Johnny Cash, The Eagles, and Merle Haggard, among other various other Texas country musicians.  His deep Texas roots and experiences have inspired every song that he writes from his new single "Don't Blame the Whiskey" to songs like "Voodoo Queen".  Jake believes in writing songs that people can relate to and also have a good time while playing his music. When asked about his music Jake states that "it's really a lot of fun on stage when the audience is having a good time. I've always taken my music seriously but it's also good to remember not to take yourself too seriously. I try to make sure that my fans in the audience are having a blast and are engaged. That's what music is for; it's a release. It takes you away from the normal everyday life and brings you to a different place". Whether you're into country, blues, or southern rock, Jake can take you there. From hard hitting guitar solos to melting your heart with a country song, Jake Carr is definitely a must see show.

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Jake Carr is a new Texas Country artist that hit the scene running and is starting to climb the ladder of success. If you're in Texas, check him out!”

— theminaturespage.com

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